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 By calling us, you will be treated with respect, seriousness and professionalism, and the information you will provide us will remain highly confidential.


“Tanase Ioan Mihai” law firm provides quality legal services at fair prices. By calling us, you will be treated with respect, seriousness and professionalism, and the information you will provide us will remain highly confidential.

Our law firm provides counseling, assistance and legal representation in various law areas, such as: medical malpractice, car accidents, international protection of human rights, formulating complaints to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, civil law, family law, labor law, etc.

In order to benefit from the legal services that we offer, is not mandatory t live in Romania, because we can represent you in the country courts, based on a contract or on a notarized power of attorney. The collaboration between our team of lawyers and your lawyers, as clients, can be done through phone, fax, or email.

Also, even foreign citizens, can benefit from the legal services that we offer, because we assure the acquiring of the Romanian citizenship at request, representing in front of the Romanian Immigration Office, for obtaining or prolonging any type of visa, prolonging the right to stay, etc.

 Legal services for national and international maritime transport domain

Maritime Law

Contravention Law

Medical Malpractice

Abusive clauses

International Protection of Human Rights

The New Reglementation Regarding The Extinctive Prescription

Real Estate

  • Verifying the legal and technical arrangements of the building, at the competent public authorities;
  • Assisting clients in real estate acquisitions and real estate projects;
  • Creating preliminary contracts, sale and purchase contracts, rental contracts, mortgage contracts and legal assistance in front of the public notary for signing and authentication of all types of contracts;
  • Legal assistance at the negotiations carried out with the vendors or with the buyers;
  • Performing all formalities related to the Land Registry regarding the existence or non-existence liens on the property;
  • Verifying on the building’s tax arrangements in the Local Taxes Department;
  • Participation in the signing of renting contracts;
  • Performing all the formalities related to the Land Registry regarding the existent or non-existent liens on the property.

Contravention Law

  • Developing legal opinions regarding the lawfulness of the contravention records;
  • Contestatii împotriva proceselor-verbale de contravenţie;
  • Assistance before courts;
  • Litigation representation contravention.

Contravention Law

  • Founding trading companies (editing constitutive documents, editing the testimony and the statements from the administrator and associates, the writing of the document regarding the possession of the headquarters, depositing the registered capital);
  • Modifying constitutive documents ;
  • Opening work points;
  • Writing company contracts and trade companies statutes;
  • Registering the mentions at the Trade Register;
  • Dissolution and liquidation of commercial companies;
  • Fusion and division of commercial companies;
  • Assisting and representing in commercial disputes;
  • Assisting and representing in judicial enforcement;
  • Assisting and representing in court procedures;
  • Assisting and representing in front of commercial arbitration courts;
  • Activity suspension;
  • Recovering debts through summons procedure;
  • Appeal in cassation;
  • Unfair competition;

Family Law

  • Divorce, division;
  • Putting interdiction;
  • Child custody, paternity deniali;
  • Evacuating turbulent husband;
  • Legal obligation to maintain;
  • Establishing juvenile home;
  • Declaring family abandon
  • Denying parental rights;
  • Adoption.


Employment Law

  • offering and drafting legal advice regarding individual working contracts and their addendum modification, drafting special privacy clauses, of professional training;
  • writing and offering legal advice regarding the terms of companies internal order;
  • legal assistance and consulting in reorganizing the employer’s activity, also including the transfer of the employers activity;
  • assistance in resolving, through negotiation, of the disputes between employees and employers regarding the enforcement of labor contracts, the legal services being offered either to the companies employers, either to the employees
  • the assistance or the representing in work conflicts in front of courts specialized in employment law;
  • unfair dismissal;
  • demands regarding the non collected owed amounts.

Intellectual property

  • Trademarks:

             Nationally registering trademarks at OSIM;

assisting and legal representing in administrative appeals against OSIM’s decisions ;

legal actions against counterfeit trademarks;

trademarks cession, and registering seizure contracts

legal advice in this domain;

mediating conflicts regarding trademarks.

  • Patents and inventions:

            Legal assistance and representation in this domain;

Solutioning conflicts between the inventor and the beneficiary of the invention;

Registering the inventioni ;

Patent cancellation actions;

Legal counseling on patents and inventions;

Conflict mediation regarding patents and inventions;

Litigator Mediation (conflict) concerning patents and inventions.

  • Copyright:

Legal assistance and representation in copyright field;

Registering to the Romanian office for Copyright (ROC) registry and obtaining the registration certificate;

Registering computer programs in ROC;

transferring copyrights of literary and artistic work;

concluding editing contracts;

concluding contracts of a work of art;

negotiating and formulating contracts between the artwork authors and beneficiaries;

mediating any type of conflict shown in the copyright field.

Foundations (NGO’s) and Associations

  • consultancy in the current activity;
  • creating associations and foundations;
  • verifying the name availability for the association or foundation;
  • writing articles of incorporation and articles of status;
  • assistance in front of the public notary for the authentication of the constitutive act and the status;
  • representation before court for acquiring legal status;


Criminal Law

  • Assistance and representation in front of criminal investigation and prosecution authorities (police, prosecutors, D.N.A., etc);
  • Assistance and representation before courts;
  • Legal assistance during execution of sentences;
  • Assistance and representation for injured parties and civilians in criminal proceedings;
  • Assistance and representation in traffic offenses;
  • Criminal complaints, reviews of final court orders, contesting the annulling or execution of a punishment, postponing or interrupting the execution of a punishment, merging punishments, lawful rehabilitation or judiciary rehabilitation, case cancellation.


Assistance and representation in the following domains:

            I. Cybercrime:

  1. Modification, deleting or deteriorating computer data;
  2. Owning illegally a computer software, owning a password or an access code in order to commit computer crimes;
  3. Putting in circulation an instrument for electronic payment
  4. Holding equipments in order to forge instruments for electronic payment;
  5. Performing fraudulent financial operations, by unauthorized usage of identification data;
  6. Having illegal access to a computer system.

II.Crimes against the integrity and safety of data and computer systems

  1. Unlawful access to a computer system;
  2. Intercepting unlawful computer data or transmission, not for public;
  3. Modifying, deleting or deteriorating computer data or unlawful restricting the access to this data;
  4. Unauthorized data transfer from a computer system;
  5. Unauthorized data transfer from a means of data storage;


III. Child Pornography through computer systems

1. Producing pornographic material using children as subjects, with the purpose of their distribution through a computer system;
2.Offering or making available pornographic material using children as subjects, through a computer system;
3.Distributing or transmitting pornographic material using children as subjects, through a computer system;
4.Procuring for personal purpose or for other people, pornographic materials using children as subjects, through a computer system;
5.Possessing pornographic material, using children as subjects, in a computer system or a computer data storage means.

Protection against:

Spam -by filing an electronic or classic complaint, to the competent authority in order to take action against spam, to the administrator of the server through which spam traffic is made, to the administrator of the site used by the spammer, or to the non-governmental organizations wich have as purpose fighting against spam

-Harassment and internet abuse (cyber bullying) ;

           – Identity theft;

            -Brand jacking (frauds under the shade of respectable companies).

Services for foreign citizens :

  • Acquiring the Romanian citizenship at request;
  • : legal advice regarding the acquiring of residence visa;
  •  representing in front of the Authority for Foreigners
  •  acquiring and extending the residence visa;
  •  extending the right to reside;
  • establishing home in Romania;
  •  stamping documents:
  1. criminal record certificate
  2. certificate attesting the working period
  3. medical inscriptions
  4. commercial inscriptions
  5. civil status certificates
  6. birth certificates



Legal assistance at the negotiations carried out with the vendors or with the buyers;