The road accident, or car accident, is defined in the Highway Code as the event which occurred on the public road, causing injuries or even decease of one or more people, or causing damage to at least one vehicle, or any types of material damage which involved at least one moving vehicle.

Were you involved in a car accident and you need a lawyer to represent you? Our Law Firm provides legal assistance and representation, in recovering moral and material damage derived from a car accident or road accident, physical injury by negligence or by fault and, murder by negligence, or by fault.

Romania is a country with a high accident rate, and also a high decease rate caused by being involved in such an unpleasant event. The basic events or causes of a road or car accident are: over speeding neglecting the road or weather conditions, refusing to grant priority to pedestrians at  pedestrian crossings, driving while being drunk or being under drug influence, distracted drivers, illegal overcoming, etc.

We are able to assure assistance for the injured party, and also assistance for the person guilty of provoking the car accident or road accident, having as basis the vast experience which our team has in this domain.

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