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  • Trademarks:

             Nationally registering trademarks at OSIM;

assisting and legal representing in administrative appeals against OSIM’s decisions ;

legal actions against counterfeit trademarks;

trademarks cession, and registering seizure contracts

legal advice in this domain;

mediating conflicts regarding trademarks.

  • Patents and inventions:

            Legal assistance and representation in this domain;

Solutioning conflicts between the inventor and the beneficiary of the invention;

Registering the inventioni ;

Patent cancellation actions;

Legal counseling on patents and inventions;

Conflict mediation regarding patents and inventions;

Litigator Mediation (conflict) concerning patents and inventions.

  • Copyright:

Legal assistance and representation in copyright field;

Registering to the Romanian office for Copyright (ROC) registry and obtaining the registration certificate;

Registering computer programs in ROC;

transferring copyrights of literary and artistic work;

concluding editing contracts;

concluding contracts of a work of art;

negotiating and formulating contracts between the artwork authors and beneficiaries;

mediating any type of conflict shown in the copyright field.