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  • Also in this case we recommend you the services of a lawyer because, often, these debt collection companies commit many abuses and even they cheat their clients customers by  misleading them about their rights.

    For example, consumer X has to pay a debt of 1000 lei to a company providing mobile services and the debts is due 4 years ago. The debt collection company announces the debtor to pay the amount of 1000 lei plus 5000 lei late penalties. According to law, the consumer can’t be forced (the company can’t bring an action agains him or take an enforcement) to pay anymore because that debt is already statue-barred. But, if the consumer actually pays, he can not legally require back payment.

    If the consumer had called a lawyer at the time payment was demanded, he would have been  advised not to pay because that debt was statue-barred.

  • First of all, you must contact a lawyer who can immediately get your driving license back if it was detained by the police. During the trial you will be able to drive without any problems.

    In cases of road traffic offenses, the driving license or the substitute proof of it will be written out to the person who has criminal case file and in other cases according to law.

    Anyway, you have to look for a lawyer’s services and he will help you find the best solution in this problem.

  •             If by a court order pronounced in Romania your rights and fundamental freedoms have been violated, you have the possibility to get compensation. This will happen condemning the Romanian state to the European Court of Human Rights from Strasbourg. It is very important that in the proceedings before the international court to be assisted by a lawyer because this procedure is excessively formalist. Without a lawyer, over 90% of cases are dismissed as inadmissible.

  • Well, bank contracts usually contain unfair terms which stipulate some commissions, some delay penalties or maybe various ways of determining the variable interest etc.

    Many times, these terms are classified as unfair terms and they can be modified by the Court or by the contracting parties by consensus. If contracting parties don’t want to modify these terms by consensus, the consumer debtor (the borrower) shall follow the procedure prescribed by Law no. 193/2000 on unfair terms or common law procedure.

    We recommend that in  phases of conciliation, mediation and attempting to resolve the dispute by agreement with the bank to seek a lawyer to represent you and / or to assist in relations with bank representatives and before the competent Court.

  • In this case, you have all the right to contact a lawyer and you also have the right to remain silent if you choose to do so. Any attempt of the police to force you to give any statement or to write one by dictation is an abuse, a violation of your rights, and sometimes, an offense.



  • Legal advice is free only if after the consultation the client chooses to sign a contract with “TANASE IOAN MIHAI” law firm. Otherwise, legal advice is paid according to the difficulty of the case, and according to the number of hours dedicated to solve it. For example, a medium difficulty case requires 5 working hours for solving it, with a fee for each working hour.

    If the client does not sign a contract of assistance with “TANASE IOAN MIHAI” law firm, will pay the established fee for each of the 5 hours worked for solving the case. If the client chooses to sign a contract of assistance with “TANASE IOAN MIHAI” law firm, WILL NOT PAY for the legal advice.

  • Yes, our attorneys can represent you in any court from Romania, in any trial, no matter its nature, or the level of jurisdiction, meaning at any court or court of appeal from the country, including in front of the High Court of Cassation and Justice from Romania.

  • Yes, if your case presents a special emergency, you can contact us at our special number, 0722445010, at any hour, and someone will answer regardless the day or the hour.

  • You have to sign a contract of legal representation that will specify the conditions and the rights given to the attorney, in order to be represented on court or in front of any other authority, including natural or legal persons.