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  • The Romanians credit contracts contain abusive clauses which stipulate risk fees, modifiable fixed interests, varying interests which vary and increase only upward while EURIBOR/LIBOR were decreasing or variable interests calculated following internal and non-transparent bank indexes. Although it is prohibited by law for professionals to insert abusive clauses in contracts, these exist and continue being […]

  • The unfair competition is when the merchant’s activity is being done by using illegal procedures, or in conflict with the normal commercial usages. The merchants are obliged to perform their activity correctly, according with honest usages, by respecting the consumers interests, and also by respecting the honest competition requests. The law 11/1991, with the modifications […]

  • Our Law Firm provides counseling services, assistance and legal representation in the field of intellectual property law. The right for intellectual property is formed by the industrial property right and the copyright. In Romania, ensuring the protection of the intellectual property is made, basically, through two special institutions: The State Office for Inventions and Trademarks […]

  • Our law firm assures legal service and assistance to the parties involved in national and international maritime transport. We represent the interests of shipowners, of the merchandise senders or merchandise recipients, and also the interests of the container carriers and the P&I clubs (protection and liability insurance). We provide consultancy for negotiating and closing sea […]

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