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“TANASE IOAN MIHAI” law firm conducts all activities under the law 51/1995, regarding the organization and the exercise of the lawyer profession, and the European legislation applicable in this field, therefore all the activities which a lawyer can perform, in Romania and the European Union.

We operate with predilection in various areas of the law, such as: civil law, commercial law, administrative law, fiscal financial law, family law, international private law, labor law, real estate, criminal law, debt collection, banking, bankruptcy/insolvency, intellectual property, copyright and related rights, competition law, maritime law and river law, medical malpractice, car accidents, computer crime, corporate law, recovery of taxes illegally paid, the acquiring and reacquiring of the Romanian citizenship, international human rights protection law, formulating complaints to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and representing individuals before this court, representing European citizens and companies to the Justice European Union Court in Luxembourg.

The “TANASE IOAN MIHAI” law firm team is made up from lawyers with extensive experience in training and trainee lawyers, so that maturity and experience of the elder harmoniously blends with the excitement and the enthusiasm of the younger. We have secondary offices in Constanta, Brasov, Galati and Braila, following to open also offices in Iasi, Cluj, Sibiu, Timisoara and Craiova, so we ensure legal assistance to all national courts and authorities in the country. We also collaborate with lawyers from the European Community area (Italy, Spain, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, England, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France Greece and Cyprus), and from the extra community space (Moldavia, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey). Our team of lawyers is consistently perfecting itself by following some post-graduate study forms, masters, doctorate, etc, and through participating at national and international conferences organized in the European law domain and private international law domain.

The leader of the lawyer team is Mr “TANASE IOAN MIHAI”, graduate of the Law Faculty of the Bucharest University, promotion 2001.

Since graduation, he attended several postgraduate master type study forms (Community Law, Mediation Law, etc), presently being a PhD.

  • Ioan Mihai Tanase

    Ioan Mihai Tanase

    Avocat, Practician in insolventa

  • Lavinia Catalina Stoean

    Lavinia Catalina Bostina

    Colaborator – Galați
  • Oana Gherghe

    Oana Gherghe

    Colaborator – Galați

  • Andreea Flester

    Andreea Pepelea

    Colaborator- Brăila

  • Roxana Mihaela Zaharia


Colaborator – Galați